The Journey into the Tummy of Sue Anna Joe

21 Apr

Back after 5 days in the hospital.

Hey, just got back from the hospital-again. Was there for 5 days. Had severe food poisoning/diarrohea. Then got super dehydrated. And was on the drip. Think I’m starting to have an IV addiction -lol.

It was just last December I was in the hospital, for a couple of days too. That was right after that little exhibition I did, kinda caught extremely tired and dehydrated as the heat inside the building was a killer.

Anyways, so there I was at the hospital for 5 days. The last 2 days I only started feeling better. The night before I was admitted, I remember passing motion over 20 times. Ugh, terrible, then I vomited a couple. Till I was really drained. My eye sockets were sucked in as I was too dry.

But now I’m okay. I’ve 3 meds me thinks. I just had an endoscopic thingy thingy this morning before being discharged. The doctor was worried if i’d have any ulcer in my stomach. Thankfully no ulcer in my tummy. Apparently, my tummy was attacked by 2 bacterias. Woo. Crazy. Usually diarr0hea would last about 2-3 days, but mine was well over 3 days. So tiring.

Cool thing is, they gave me a CD of the endoscope they did of my tummy. It’s in .DAT format now though, so I’ll find a way to convert it, and put it on Youtube. Hahah. So prepare yourself for ‘The Journey into the Tummy of Sue Anna Joe’.

Hehe, you can see how I really am inside.

It’s kinda disgusting though. Haha.


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